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See here for the complete essay:

The first encounter I had with Elevenstar occurred in the late 1970's with a soundless voice telling me, 'The thrones must be filled.'

Usually the voice isn't so cryptic, but since it wasn't going to elaborate, I filed the statement away in memory. The meaning would come over the next few months in the form of unlearned knowledge, without many visual or audible clues. The information concerned both theory and practice, purpose and methodology, as any complete magickal Working must have.

The practice part manifested on several occasions in which I participated, and on several others conducted by colleagues elsewhere. I was present for the ritual at Winterstar in 1985 at Atwood Lake, Ohio, at the Math of Chrystal Humm in Spencer, New York in 1987, and at the Harmonic Convergence public ritual in August, 1987 in Seattle, Washington. These were all group rituals, but the rite can be adapted for individual use.

The Thrones correspond to the Spheres on the Tree of Life, plus the non-Sphere of Daath; eleven in all. A throne is the mastery and practice of a given Sphere in the life of a Magickian-Priest. With dedication to the Elevenstar, the mastery and practice extends itself to monitor and adjust the global operation of that Sphere.

A full course of Initiation ensures knowledge of the essence of the Spheres, whether or not the tradition includes Qaballah as a formal pert of its course. Elevenstar aims to coordinate Magickally a collegium of practitioners world- wide who operate a particular Sphere in mastery within their personal lives and who assume responsibility for that Sphere's function in the lives of our species. The practitioners don't have to know each other personally on the physical plane or have to live in a single area. The minimum number of people required to manifest the Elevenstar is twenty-one; two for each Sphere and one for Daath. There is no maximum limit on the number of participants.

The Elevenstar collegium is a talisman of Priests who effect the development of humanity directly via their own self-evolutionary work. It's a prototype of the species we are developing into, Homo veritas, and serves as both a Magickal model and a seed-crystal around which the new species can form itself. As it grows, it radiates its influence to touch those who are on the brink of change and encourages the awakening of all human souls.

The Elevenstar activates that part of our DNA which enables the functioning of double consciousness without undue effort and practice; while Homo sapiens individuals can become Homo veritas by dint of Will and hard work, the next generation can be born as Homo veritas.

In order to understand the nature of the Elevenstar formation, each point of the star is assigned a Sphere of the Tree of Life; the following gable gives the Sphere, its corresponding godform, and the pair of Tarot Trumps that characterize its nature.

Considering the factors together can give a holographic clue to the nature of each Throne. An important thing to remember is that the points are arranged in a circle; there is no linear hierarchy is in the Tree of Life. The Thrones are equally powerful, important, and necessary.

Anyone here have any experience with this?

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