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Submissions Digest #25 - Empty Submissions Digest #25 -

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:23 pm (digimob) brings you another submissions digest with content not included in our mega-torrents.

This torrent represents a work of LOVE. All texts so far gathered, as well as all future gatherings, aim to facilitate the studies of sincere students.

Future releases will include submissions from users like YOU.

Digimob's archive provides an invaluable service to dedicated students of the occult sciences, and this forum community has been created to provide a platform for these students to engage in respectful discourse on topics related to our releases.

For some of us, the time has come to mobilize. If you have an interest in assisting in this process - we all have strengths to bring to the table - please email @ gmail . com.

Notable submissions in this digest include:

Audio -
*Michael Tsarion - Sorcers and Magicians
*Dr. Richard B. Spence interview re. "Crowley - Agent 666"

Text -
*Andrew Chumbley - One: The Grimoire of the Golden Toad; The Leaper Between
*MSS. - Adeptus Minor Initiation
*Thomas Vaughan - Aula Lucis; Lumen de Lumine
*John Bourke - Human Ordure and Human Urine in Rites of a Religious or Semi-Religious Character
*Mircea Eliade - The Sacred and the Profane
*Fulcanelli - The Mystery of the Cathedrals
*John Michael Greer - Circles of Power
*René Guénon - Perspectives on Initiation
*Kenneth Grant - Key to Pyramid
*Raymond Harmon - On the Nature of Light; The Magickal Lantern; Transcendental Cinema
*John Lindow - Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals and Beliefs
*Albert Most - Bufo Alvarius; Eros & the Pineal
*Sacred Texts DVD-ROM 7.0
*David St. Clair - Lessons in Instant ESP
*Robert Anton Wilson - Don't Be Afraid of Black Magick

Video -
*I Still Worship Zeus
*Philip Gardiner - Secrets of the Serpent

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