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"The shocking truth about public schools" -

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"The shocking truth about public schools" - - Page 2 Empty Re: "The shocking truth about public schools" -

Post  Vagabond Soul on Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:39 pm

Very interesting book! I understand were your coming from. I similarly wrote a book a few years back, though left it unpublished.

I admit that I haven't had a chance to read it fully, more read parts of it. I really like some ideas that our prevalent such as a part I am up to at the moment "Balance and peace, harmoniously interacting with the world, beyond egocentric involvement can create a whole sense of self, other people and the world. This is the true meaning of rebirth."

And I quite liked some points covered in Evolution, Regression and Devolution... there is bits of wisdom thus far scattered through, and some places focused on all I have read! So good job, I have been reading the 2006 addition.

Any books like these, as you said, are written as tools in our evolution. It dose not demean there value, but rather goes deep into showing insight into actual causes and giving serendipitous gleaming of sometimes expressible truths.

There is much that can be absorbed from your book, or will take me a few months to lift all resonates from its pages.

Very Happy
Vagabond Soul
Vagabond Soul

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"The shocking truth about public schools" - - Page 2 Empty Re: "The shocking truth about public schools" -

Post  Whitewolf on Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:13 am

Thanks, Vagabond Soul

I know for myself the contents of that book represent an actual cleansing process - of the emotional and psychological dynamics which covered up and repressed me (memory). I realize there are still many places in these writings where only I could interpret - most likely because of the confused awareness I pulled them from.
If you would like I could easily send you my most recent version. Every time I spend a little time editing a part of the book I usually upload that version if I am able to. In the last 2 years I have had little access to the sites where copies were published because of internet censorship in that part of the world I have been. So, if you want me to send you a copy, just connect with me at
I love your enthusiasm and would enjoy - and benefit from - having someone to discuss certain aspects of the book.

Cheers, Whitewolf Paul

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"The shocking truth about public schools" - - Page 2 Empty Education = Indoctrination

Post  luxigni on Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:48 am

First, let me explain that I was born in a third world country. As long as I know there is only one world, but the school teaches there are several worlds (although we know there is only one). But nevermind: we just accept that we are third class citizens and move on.

Secondly, they teach us that we were "discovered". I mean there were people living in the continent we now know as "America" because some very good and intelligent white people came here and taught us how to behave in a civilized way. Thank God they also taught the one and only true religion (roman catholicism) because otherwise we would be condemned to hell. As a matter of fact Indians didn't have a soul and that's why it was ok to used them as slaves and almost annihilate them. For some reason I didn't like this explanation. Maybe it was because my skin is brown, and I didn't appreciate the fact that many of my forefathers were slaughtered in the name of "God". But I stood quiet. I told to my myself: "When I get to high school the teacher are going to tell the story right." Meanwhile I was being taught very useful skills like using math and conjugating verbs in the "correct" way.

But when I got to high school things got worse. The teachers didn't appreciate the fact that I liked Heavy Metal music (that's the devil music, you know). And they didn't like that I was critical about the Social Studies they were forcing down our throats. To make things worse, I developed a taste in the occult. Witchcraft, UFOs and that sort of things really caught my attention. Suddenly, I became a misfit. So high school was not the solution I was seeking for. To everyone's surprise, I was able to get A's in all my exams, so teachers had no option but to leave me alone.

Then I thought: "When I get to college everything will be alright". But it didn't. It was more of the same BS. If I wanted to use Korzybski they'd they that was just pseudoscience. If I wanted to state that property is a robbery, they'd say that was not valid in a solid democracy like Costa Rica.

So far, the debate has been centered in Public Education, but the truth is that Education, private, public or whatever is just a propagation of prejudices. There is no room to think. There is no freedom allowed. If you want learn something run away... run to the hills and pray Mother Earth has something valuable to teach you.

There are good teachers: those who don't need money to teach you. There is good education: that one you learn by your own effort.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.


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"The shocking truth about public schools" - - Page 2 Empty Re: "The shocking truth about public schools" -

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