Seeing the Hawk .Carl Jung would like this

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Seeing the Hawk .Carl Jung would like this Empty Seeing the Hawk .Carl Jung would like this

Post  kazdax on Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:51 pm

Hi ,

I took it upon myself to prove to others that I was really Heru .The child God of Egypt and that his Archetype favored me in every turn of the life and not only that ..His name and his Animal Symbol always stayed with me .
i took it to myself and said .. Now I am going to do the ultimate Magic ..
I will become Heru in every possible way possible..

So i lied down in the fav pose that i practice Day I willed to visualised Heru in his full spendor .. making sure every detail good and acurate .. from the clothing to the body ..then i used all my concentration power..which i developed by practicing Meditation every day for a couple of months ..

Suddenly .. Someone knocked on my Room Door ..and it was a Muslim guy called Mustafa (he is Muslim. ) .This meditation took place in West Africa ..

So he somewhat stopped me from completing my meditation .. as i stood up and opened the door and greated him to enter my room .. I went to the bathroom to ease my self and looked out and saw what you would never imagin ..

It was a Little Hawk(white in color ) .. Almost Looked like a youngster . I was surprised to see it and quickly called Mustafa to take a look at what i was seeing .. Thinking i might be being tricked .. As i showed him the Creature outside my window and asked him .. Is that a Hawk ? and he mentioned yes that is a hawk .. and then i proceded to tell him about what just happened ..

since then .. that was my frist Encounter with the Sacred Bird of Heru .. Then after a couple of months i arrived in America and after say 3 years .. The hawk appeard to me again and this time .it was many times ..

I am so happy to have such an experince continue .. on and on ..and there were times ..where i could predict that something important was going to happen and i saw a bueatifull ..Larger than most Hawks sitting on the wire and i tried to show it to my parents ..tho they were driving and they dint have the strenght to look at it i suppose ..

These are the tales i have lived with ..from sometime now and Heru has always been with me since then ..

As Above , So below

In Love
The One Eyed Morning Star


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