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Scpeter of Power Israel Regardie (RARE)

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Scpeter of Power Israel Regardie (RARE) Empty Scpeter of Power Israel Regardie (RARE)

Post  dirkcloete on Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:28 am

Scpeter of Power by Israel Regardie
ISBN 1561840432 / 9781561840434 / 1-56184-043-2
Publisher New Falcon Publications
Language English
Edition Softcover

I can't find this book anywhere.

I found out about it by a reference to a missing lesson in the Golden Dawn Correspondence Course - published by Falcon.
Referred to by Alex Sumner in his article

Another reference in extract from this book

GD Correspondence Course
42. The Four Color Scales
*MISSING*43. An Introduction To Alchemical Theory
*MISSING*44. Sceptre of Power (Book)
*MISSING*45. Energy, Prayer and Relaxation (Book & Tape)
*MISSING*46. Awareness (Tape)
47 - 50. Geomantic Divination


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