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See Souls of Distortion for the complete article.

Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses
Part I: Crosses in the New World

Jan Wicherink

In this article the Maya cross symbols and their association with the Great Celestial Conjunction that is occurring at the end of the Maya Long Count calendar is being discussed. This rare cosmic event is associated with Galactic Alignment which is a particular case of a Great Celestial Conjunction.

As we will demonstrate in this article Maya cross symbols appear in abundance in temples, stelae, stone tablets and other artefacts that are associated with the Maya creation myths and the Maya Sacred Tree.

Most importantly Maya cross symbols appear in Izapa in the stelae that encode the winter solstice sun’s conjunction with the Galactic Equator around era-2012. New information reveals important facts that have been overlooked by John Major Jenkins whose research has connected this site to the Maya’s understanding of a Galactic Alignment that would occur at the end of the Maya Long Count calendar.

There is an abundance of four pointed crosses, (X) or a combination of two of these crosses (XX) as well as the 8 pointed cross in the ancient Maya artefacts. It’s important to understand that the 8 pointed crosses in these artefacts are actually two separate four pointed crosses with different appearances that are superimposed. The same idea of separate crosses is expressed when two four pointed cross are depicted next to each other (XX) in stead of being superimposed.

In San Juan Chamula (Chiapas) the memory of the ancient Maya ancestors who devoted significant importance to the cross symbols still lives on with the modern day Maya. In San Juan Chamula we find a Maya version of the ‘Christian’ cross that contains the 8 pointed crosses on it. Notice that the 8 pointed crosses on the green cross consist of two different crosses that are superimposed. This is a very important fact and is a recurring theme in most of the ancient Maya 8 pointed crosses.

The merging of Christian symbolism with local indigenous pagan symbolism is called syncretism. Under the veil of Christianity, the ancient old religious traditions were preserved throughout the suppression of the Spanish Inquisition.

Allegedly these green Maya crosses can be found in every household in San Juan Chamula and are placed in the front garden. Locals say the cross represents the Maya Sacred Tree.

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