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    "The Pythagorean Pentacle and the Alchemical Great Work"

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    "The Pythagorean Pentacle and the Alchemical Great Work" Empty "The Pythagorean Pentacle and the Alchemical Great Work"

    Post  Khephra on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:36 pm

    In accord with the Organic Cycle, the points of the Pentagram correspond to the Stages of the Great Work in Alchemy. The first stage is Nigredo (Blackening), corresponding to Water-Cold-Winter-Saturn; it is the stage which causes the dissolution of old structures and their reduction to Prima Materia (Prime Matter). The next stage is Albedo (Whitening), corresponding to Air-Wet-Spring-Venus; it is the purification stage, in which the Prima Materia is cleansed so that it is devoid of all properties and can accept the Tincture. Next is Citrinitas (Yellowing), corresponding to Fire-Hot-Summer-Jupiter; it is the stage in which the Prima Materia receives the fiery Golden Tincture. Finally we have the Rubedo (Reddening), corresponding to Earth-Dry-Autumn-Mars; it is a paradoxical stage, for it is associated with Ios or Venenum, the Venomous Potion. It can be the highest stage of the Alchemical Process, the Iosis (becoming reddish-purple) in which the Philosophers Stone is produced, which has an excess of the Tincture, and so can transmute other matter. However, it can also be a stage of excess, the Adustio (Rusting or Browning) which destroys the Work accomplished (returning it to dry, inanimate matter), whose only use is as the raw material for another Nigredo. This is why the ascent to the Quintessence occurs between the Citrinitas and the Rubedo. In a proper rotation the substance will be progressively elevated until it reaches the Quintessence at the apex of the Pyramid.

    The complete article from which this segment was taken can be found here.

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