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GreenPlanet Save it first before going on to Space!!!!!!

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GreenPlanet Save it first before going on to Space!!!!!! Empty GreenPlanet Save it first before going on to Space!!!!!!

Post  RA-777 on Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:35 am

Hi Guys
It is an honor to be here. I am RA-777. I love to learn about #1-9 What each # mean. Then When it add, minus, multiply, divide What then will they mean. I also like to learn about 7 colors what each mean what can they do. # and color Could they save our world ??

My Green Planet Project, if can I do it but need alot of money. But if the prophecy is true 2012, the only way then is to BEAM everyone up to Universal Big Ass Space Station. Once, everything is cool down. We
come back and develop again.

Again, I have a feeling if all the heroes/Evils come out and join me we can do some great things. Fix the planet store it to the most original and we will won't have the Final Judgement from mother nature or from Evils man that is. After we done restoring our Planet then we shall Warp faster than light go travel.. sight seeing, and when we got bored .. we come back..( Aliens ).

Then blend among the Renew livings perharp the human that still in remain. And be human again.. get re-charge and go out and explore the new planet just like STAR TREK Episodes. Everyday is alway the new day and new beginning.

You know I HATE STAR TREK until the 2009 Movie Version it finally come to me we can Warpppppp.
The answers are in here Our Home. The nature, oceans, rocks, land and the 4 element land wind water fire, answers are all here.

Look it is starting

I know how it can be done, but not just myself I need every SPECIAL one help. Those of you who are with me please come along. I am a Kid in a Man body with enormous brain that has lot of bubbles that need to be poke. Why poke because all the knowledge to do what I just said are in my brain. If I could sat down with 9 or 12 Science Nerd, I will be able to confirm my theory. God is Up there watching us, loving us, He did set a rulez Good get Good Bad get Bad. There is only 1 GOD, but he can duplicates himself to everywhere, every countries.

That why we know that we always said " A GOD "

Thank You A Universe everyone especially, Father Peto (Sententia) Kosmos
NickName= Dii
Alias = RA-777
For more info about me :

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