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Post  Khephra on Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:40 pm

Via Mindhacks.com:

Involuntary masturbation as a manifestation of stroke-related alien hand syndrome

Ong Hai BG, Odderson

Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2000 Jul-Aug;79(4):395-8.

Alien hand syndrome is a perplexing and uncommon clinical diagnosis. We report an unusual manifestation [i.e. "spontaneous masturbation"] of alien hand syndrome in a 73-yr-old man with a right anterior cerebral artery infarct affecting the right medial frontal cortex and the anterior portion of the corpus callosum. We conclude that alien hand syndrome should be considered in patients who present with a feeling of alienation of one or both upper limbs accompanied by complex purposeful involuntary movement. (PubMed link)

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"Involuntary Masturbation/Aien Hand Syndrome" - Empty Re: "Involuntary Masturbation/Aien Hand Syndrome" -

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"Involuntary Masturbation/Aien Hand Syndrome" - Godkillskitten2

"Involuntary Masturbation/Aien Hand Syndrome" - Ceilingcat1

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