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"Voodoo Linked To Cobb County Election"

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"Voodoo Linked To Cobb County Election" Empty "Voodoo Linked To Cobb County Election"

Post  Khephra on Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:00 pm

From WSB TV:

Voodoo Linked To Cobb County Election: Voodoo Priestess Claims Checks Bounced

POSTED: 5:43 am EDT October 7, 2008

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed Monday it is investigating allegations involving a Cobb County commissioner and voodoo.

A woman who practices voodoo in South Carolina claims commissioner Annette Kesting wanted her to put a curse on the opponent who defeated Kesting in August.

The voodoo priestess, George Ann Mills of Blythewood, S.C., filed a report with Cobb County police claiming Kesting's checks for the ceremony bounced.

Kesting was soundly defeated in mid-August, and according to the voodoo priestess she wanted challenger Woody Thompson to either develop cancer or be involved in a car wreck.

The woman claims Kesting gave her pictures of Thompson and wrote her $3,000 worth of checks, but those checks bounced.

The voodoo rituals were apparently never performed.

Kesting told WSB-TV Channel 2 her bank book had been stolen and that she had never visited a voodoo high priestess in South Carolina.

Thompson won the August primary with 69 percent of the vote.

The GBI confirmed Monday they are looking into this case, but said they had just begun their work and would not confirm or comment on anything in the police report.

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