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Post  Azariel on Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:11 pm

Hello Digimob!

I only today found out about this place, and I am glad I did. I practice Hermeticism/Kabbalah. I don't like to ramble on about myself, so I'll just save the good stuff for forum activity.

I am looking forward to making some good friends/contacts on this place, and I have some files to offer aswell.

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Post  Tennessee_Arborist on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:14 pm

I love you're archive. I have been searching the web for a long time and am still reading from many places. Your collection rivals estoic archives site where i used to and still occasionally study. I collect myself and share with many people who can't find time to study as I do, and still think it will take a few lifetimes just to study all I have found so far. Your 2.2 h-k torrent doesn't want to download or i would be reading it right now, but i guess I have plenty to read from for now. :PLove the work you guys have put in, truly a work of love... and obsession like me. Need to add a segment on training exercises. I have found several from levitation exercises, telepathy exercises, remote viewing down the line. Many are fun to practice and teach excellent control over the mind and body. I even have several binural beats from my own searches experiments and practices i can share to help get you started if you ever want them.

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