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100% Personal Banish

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100% Personal Banish Empty 100% Personal Banish

Post  Tabeyung Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:11 pm

None of the traditional banishing rituals managed to make me feel 'centered' or helped me deal with thoughts, emotions or behaviors, never the less, gave me a nice view on what a 'banishing' ritual should consist of, though I exchanged banishing of 'bad' (preprogrammed) stuff which only reminded me of their existence to reinforcement of the good (self programed) stuff. What I found works for me (and several fellow 'chaotes') is an enactment consisting of:


concentrating on the whole body while breathing deeply, arms strecthed out (Tau)

placing oneself in the centre of the universe, be it through visualisation of axis or reminding oneself who is the master who makes the grass green

reciting of what one wants to be the foundation of his behavior/thought


in front you visualise a person who evokes in you the feelings which you want to evoke in others

on the right a person who's conscious, logical and rational thought processes you admire (left hemisphere)

behind you a person who's unconscious, creative and 'hidden' functions you like the most

on the left, a person who's intuition, sensitivity and all the right brain functions make you think 'WOW'.

then banish with sincere laughter, which in my case can be easily induced by realising how silly it is to think that imagining shit will change anything in my life, haha.

Would anyone would be kind enough to try it out a couple of times and share the effects? btw, I do not need information on which people you choose for the ritual- in my experience, it works best if you either know the people very well, or you dont know shit about them but have a feeling or impression of them.


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100% Personal Banish Empty Re: 100% Personal Banish

Post  Tennessee_Arborist Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:24 am

It actually sounds like you have dona a thorough study of the mind. I can't say I have anything I wish to banish but I think i will try it anyway. It sounds more like balancing yourself within and reminding your body and attitude how you wish it to be.

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