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Post  majintensei on Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:37 pm

Hello everyone,

When I was 8 I had a strange dream; I was ice skating with my parents , suddenly the ice breaks and I land in a "cavern" below.
As I land in the cavern I am faced against a stranger , he had a very long beard , very tall , i went spastic , woke up , and he
was sitting beside my bed looking at me with a sad and accepting face. I ran as fast as I could into my parents room screaming
and crying like the world had went upside down, looking back as I ran i saw nothing following me on the Hallway.

Thats as far as that memory goes somehow, normally by standard i can go through every moment in my life and every minute
if i concentrate but that memory and what he said is somehow blocked.

When I was 14 i begun getting these intense headaches in the right part of my brain, crying lying in my mother´s lap somedays
because of the pain. When I got 20 I finally got medicine that worked against those pains ( Lyrica 300mg ) and from that day
I´ve been like a reborn man, but never had access to my right Hemisphere.

5 weeks ago I´ve suddenly begun to get access to my right hemisphere and my imagination and Intelligence is finally piecing together.
When it begun 5 weeks ago for 3 days straight my room was full of Butterflies , not moths, but butterflies , I counted and they amounted
to 12 at most , and 1 king Butterfly that was here for a straight day on the same spot, and believe me my apartment is small, around 20sqm.

Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this , because before this happened I had been enjoying Lucid Dreaming and OOBE since I was around
6 years old, the freedom was like perfection but this took it away , its steadily coming back now but....

Anyways wanted to share this and wondered if anyone had any special thoughts related to this.


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