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Wondered what you thought of this...

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Wondered what you thought of this... Empty Wondered what you thought of this...

Post  Shah Hassan on Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:55 am

I Just wanted to know what you think of this,

As the Book of the Law points out, surrendering to the Lower
tendencies disqualifies women immediately from the Higher. All connections to
the physical must be relinquished, and this is no less true of women as men, but
the maya of women is more insidious, because it is couched in layers of
sentiment, both public and personal, and biological promptings of a very
powerful kind. A woman has to "kill her heart" in order to make REAL progress.

> As the Book of the Law points out, a woman has to "kill her heart" in
> order to make REAL progress.

And to obtain her grace, he must restore Her heart...

This killing is like the unspeakable mourning of the Mother for the loss of Her
son, a pain that is beyond any human understanding that only those graced by it
are able to know in depth. The very few blessed with the depth and the
absolute of the Hieros Gamos may be able to feel that unspeakable pain
when torn from their consort/lifemate. No real progress can be made from that
point unless the real progress is the labour of Isis, to gather patiently the
pieces of Osiris to bring him again to life, with as much pain as one can bear
gathering the pieces of her own torn heart and avoiding them/him to be eaten by
some nasty thing along the way.

Why is Mary depicted with her Sacred Heart bleeding, her guts on display, often
encircled in fire or with a crown of thorns? Nothing but to represent the heart
killed or almost killed, but Mary unlike Isis does nothing to gather body parts
- whereas, there is NO Black Virgin known holding a dead son, for the record:
the Black Mother and the Black Son are ALWAYS depicted in Majesty and Union: She
holds the divine Child in her arms or lap, and Her hand guides his to hold the
Orb of the Universe, but he holds it by the order of HER hand, thus confirming
Her sovereignty. This is ultimately the point to achieve,
not only to kill the heart but to be able to gather the pieces and transfix the
infinite through the tears of the structure and achieve the Union
*after* that process, which is nothing but the Universal succession of
disruptive elements, essential to make ANY revolution possible. Otherwise there
is just stagnation.

Her symbol is a heart

Shah Hassan

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