ok peoples, i got a question for yas

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ok peoples, i got a question for yas Empty ok peoples, i got a question for yas

Post  Nicky Lubu on Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:46 am

have any of you ever experimented with sex spells?
if so, what was your outcome?
if a sex spell is performed on a female who is married will there be bad karma involved, even if you dont want the female to get a divorce just to have a swing with the female?
what if the tarot readings dont make sense for the first time ever, what does it mean? what if the pendulum can not answer your questions? would you proceed with the casting of the spell?
what if you perform the spell, you hear the spirits interrupting your cast but you dont hear what they are saying clearly? would you continue on performing it?

this is for experimental purposes only
Nicky Lubu
Nicky Lubu

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