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after i defeated a DJIN

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after i defeated a DJIN Empty after i defeated a DJIN

Post  allgodman on Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:56 am


one day i see a djin and he did something..............
and after 2 years i won.

and now i have combined the souls of sirens, ghouls and wukuwku pazuku shu with my own.
The evilness dissapeared...
ow and before all this i was a dragongod.....

total knowledge of djin,chinese magic ,shinto ,soul-collectors,sirens.
I know some sorcers eat HUMAN MEAT yummmmm yummmmm (just kidding)

i managed to create a piramid of zu and i locked the devil in a magical box.
and then i send that box to hell.

and then i combined my djin,dragongod with white sirens............
wham i purified my body.

Its like being in paradise city.
And i speak fluently chinese.................

wanga wanga danga ding zu kanga panga panga duang zu hauow kow chi fa fu ko cho mo
ki dara kanaka tanaka ka i summon the luck dragon................
to watch over the world.

well this is what i do.
in china there are 4 lions and dragons and they have 1 guardian.........................
well sort of.

Normaly a human cant defeat a djin.
i evaded hell.


wudang wu teaches me kung i did something good.
have a nice day.

grandmaster marco zhu/zu kanga panga mao kao kung lau ki dana khan sifu kuju buku mu

yeah zu are guardians.......of earth.........:-)


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after i defeated a DJIN Empty Re: after i defeated a DJIN

Post  amandachen on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:28 am

I've a feeling that you think all this is real. It's a warning to everyone about the dangers of messing with the occult.

And that stuff is offensively racist, too. Anyone think of a reason why I shouldn't block his account?

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after i defeated a DJIN Empty Re: after i defeated a DJIN

Post  MercvrivsDvplex on Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:30 pm’ve been fighting Choronzon for way too long.
Get some help, ASAP, before you start writing books about it!
If not because yourself, than do it for the others.

Who knows, maybe one day you'd influence a popular music band
and people would start to read your books on a massive scale.

Then they would never get a chance to experience their own personal
madness that might tell them something useful about themselves.

They would end up looping behavioral patterns typical to your own
unconscious structure and never get the chance to free themselves from
their own unconscious structural fallacies.

That would be really mean!

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after i defeated a DJIN Empty Re: after i defeated a DJIN

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