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Post  Leary on Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:07 pm

In Lak ech Lookingoodtiger

A Virgo (with Scorpio ascendant) Water Tiger new member here.
Heart felt greetings and salutations to all you beautiful expressions of the prime creative principle.

A bit about me:
Varied interests... born in the generational group that defies the scholarly truisms while blending and blurring the lines. In my world, all things are one thing that many have attempted to define in their own terms and with scholarly analysis; and as such, created diversity where none formerly existed. In my view, we experience the unexplainable, the indescribable doing it an injustice in our distillation into words/concepts in an attempt to rationalize them and describe them to others. Essentially, we experience the same thing but in different ways as our bias, beliefs, issues distort the experience. We are all creators who ourselves energize and manifest our beliefs and expectations. Pride/arrogance having the potential to inspire us to expound on the differences, the uniqueness, of our personal experience... to define what is real vs what is not... at times we view our personal challenges/experiences being greater than those of others which may be nothing more than our own ego driven competitive natures blinding us to inherent truths. In paying honour to the scholarly definitions that have gone before us is it possible we embrace their limitation as well? Is it possible the definers of a thing also create it thus adding substance to its own validity, but by the truer dynamic at work is a self fulfilling prophecy being the thing that also creates the thing?

Scattered energy manifesting myriad minor, weaker expressions. Focused energy has significant manifestation in powerful expression.

In my experience rites and rituals are a means of focusing energy and intent. The power residing in the intensity of focus, energy applied and belief/expectation of the manifest outcome from the practitioner; not at all in the ritual itself, the potion, spell or incantation. The power lies in the heart and soul of the wielder of a tool; not in the tool itself.

All things being one thing... an energy of infinite potential and expression... we being the manufacturers of hue and facet. Self elevating in our pompous navel gazing, our intellectual mastery of scholarly tombs and historical 'fact' as we define our world and experience as though we are not creating it... as though it truly exists in its own specific nature without us.

P.S... ideas expressed through me have been known to disturb feces... my intent is empowerment, inspiration for all to live a life completely satisfying, rewarding in what ever expression the individual chooses.

Hello to the beautiful people that each and every one of you can choose to be.
To those who choose not to be beautiful, your decision is respected and you are appreciated for who you choose to be.

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