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Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros Empty Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros

Post  MelekM on Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:27 am

In the 90's several books were published by Library of New Atlantis publishers under various authors (BOTNL Staff, IGOOS Staff, Thorguard Templar, Robert Blanchard) which appear to be impossible to find. These books have become something of an obsession for me, primarily because I cannot find a trace of them or even a description beyond the bibliographic info. for the authors / publishers.

The ones that have my interest piqued are Spitzalod, Milianthrus - The Dark Power, and The Book of Dakmonias. An old veteran from Regardie's time from whom I've learned a lot speaks of them as if these books are worth their weight in diamonds and that after his copies were "lost" he has never found replacements.

The only thing Ive been able to find are these modern groups, or orders, that claim to be heirs to these traditions:


Aside from pretty cool production value on their website, I havent been able to find out much about the order behind that veil. Their "Magick Store" does offer modern reinterpretations of the Library of New Atlantis for $99, which I would pay right now except that I'm wary because the description claims that the volumes are completely re-written and have tons of new, channeled material added by the head of that modern order.

Can anyone direct me to where I might find copies of the originals, or provide info on these modern revisions?

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Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros Empty Re: Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros

Post  Khephra on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:54 am

Those 'obsessions' make the hunt fun. Wink

Never heard of either of those, but I'll keep an eye out for them!

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Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros Empty Re: Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros

Post  HPeabody on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:11 am

The following are descriptions directly from the old Library of New Atlantis catalogue, their spellings and such. All of these titles were available in hardcover and spiral bound, all of their hardcovers that I've seen have catalogues bound into them as well. Unfortunately, I'm fairly ignorant of the books you are after, so I can't be of much benefit otherwise.

I bought and traded with LONA/BOTNL right before they disappeared and have been looking for another grimoire they offered called "Samurai Magick". Some of their stuff seemed rather fantastical, but I managed to pick up their "Runic Grimoire 1474 - Northumbrian Runes" and it's excellent in my opinion. I have access to their "Dr.Fian's Spell Book" as well, though the current owner is wanting $200 for it, not my cup of tea but I'll put the description below on the chance it might be of interest. I hope this helps and take care.

Book I - Spitzalod - Topics include: What and where is the Valley of Rallon - Occult magic power secret that only a woman can use - How to make and use an authentic magic mirror - The circle of Darkness - What and where is the "Keep of Tomes" - Discover the power of Milianthros - Learn the secret of what occult event will soon occur for the first time in a thousand years - Homosexual and Lesbian magic secrets. And many more occult magic secrets and ancient traditions of the Old Ways not seen in written form since 47BC. Rare and Powerful Book!

Book II - The Spitzalodmagickalquest Course - This course is designed to be used with the Spitzalod book. It gives you step by step information on how to use the rituals in Book I. Lots of new information not in Book I, is in this course. This will help you master the Spitzalod system of Power!

Book III - Milianthros the Dark Power - This is a serious Dark Power book and only for those advanced students of the occult. Topics include: The Ring of Power and how to make it - Why the Order of Dakmonies is so powerful - The Dark Princess Adrian - Dark Secrets of Magick Mirrors - Dark Sexual Magick - The Emerald Sorceress - Curse of Dakmonies - Sorcerer's Sigil - How to make your magick work - The Covenhouse - Curse of the Black Scorpion - How to get sexual favors - How to win the favors of the Dakr Forces - Much More - For Research Only!

Book IV - Milianthros - Advanced Magick Quest Course - A step by step guide on how to use the Awesome Power of Dakmonies and Milianthros! Lots of information not given in Book III. A must for the serious student of this form of Magick!

Book V - Dakmonies - The last book in the series deals with the God form Dakmonies. A god formed from Dark and Light powers. Rare information you will not see anywhere else! Topics include: Sigils of Power - Love Spell of Adrian Wizard's Nectar - Curse of the Black Egg - The Wizard's Gaze - Secret Blood Runes - Potion for General Health - Darom God of Power - Repel Love - The Order of Dakmonies - Remove a Hex - Cube of Spitzalod - Building reserve energy - Much more. This ancient order, long suppressed is now open to the public. You can now learn why this powerful system of magick was suppressed! It's all here for the taking!


Dr.Fian's Spell Book - The famous spell book at the Witch Trials at Scotland in 1591. Authentic spells and rituals as practiced in ancient times. Here you are given the actual rituals that Dr.Fian was burned for! Complete and uncut, 83 pages. Hardcover ($200, this is a friend's book, so subject to availability and all that)


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Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros Empty Book from IGOS publishers.

Post  Alphonsus on Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:24 am

If anyone has access to any of the books that were carried by IGOS back in the early 90's I'd love to sift through them. I ran across IGOS back when I was 15 and was absolutely fascinated. I was too poor and lived in an area of the country where any occult or seemingly occult practices could get you ostricized. So I couldn't explore anything until I finally moved a couple years ago. Any help would be appreciated.




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Spitzalod, Dakmonias & Milianthros Empty Internationasl Guild of Occult Sciences IGOS

Post  thortemplar on Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:04 am

IGOS is back and reprinting all their classic texts. Their website is guildofoccultsciences.weebly.com

Low cost e-books now available.


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