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Post  Khephra on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:41 pm

See Phil Hine's new blog, Enfolding.org for the complete essay:

A while ago some friends and I, after an evening of lazy meandering conversations ended up discussing some of the topics on this blog, like possession and Baphomet and that set me off musing on past possessions.

For a while in the early 1990s I became quite obsessed with Baphomet. For several months a friend of mine and I did nightly rites and possessions. We would take it in turns who would become possessed by Baphomet and it turned into an excellent hobby/pastime and we did some amazing rituals. Both of us egged each other on and both of us were keen to continue these nightly rites as it was an exciting process with Baphomet narratives developing and unfolding. We invested a lot of time and magical ‘energy’ into these rituals, and I ended up feeling that I had a unique and intense connection to Baphomet that nobody else quite had access to.

My partner eventually kindly pointed out to me that I was getting obsessed with Baphomet, which was something that mightily pissed me off as obsession is a lot less glamorous than being the (or make that THE) High-priestess of Baphomet.

I ended up thinking that I KNEW Baphomet and when in a group situation/group ritual I started judging other people’s possessions, evaluating them on some internal scale where ‘real’ Baphometdom was at one end and what I conceived as other people’s own personal projections and perceptions (which in my eye made possession less valid, less real, less powerful) on the other end of the scale. In hindsight I believe that a lot of ego was involved here, a lot of ‘I know who Baphomet is and others don’t’ unless their possession somehow resonated with my perception of B.

It all blew up in my face with a Baphomet ritual in Berlin, part of a ‘cross-order’ meeting with people from various magical orders.

It was a South American member of the IOT who was ‘ridden’ by Baphomet, a very intense, very in your face, very animalistic Baphomet. He was foaming at the mouth, stomping around, reeking, sweating, screaming, proclaiming.

The entire congregation was naked and followed Baphomet in awe, and as I felt so very close to B. I put myself very close in his vicinity, following his moves, encouraging him, urging him on, revelling.

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