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E.A. Koetting - Evoking Eternity

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E.A. Koetting - Evoking Eternity Empty E.A. Koetting - Evoking Eternity

Post  RRR123408 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:11 am


"Once the twin giants of fear and doubt are slain,
evocation is seen to be a remarkably simple tool to use.
And once that discovery is made,
it becomes clear that it is not a tool of man,
but it is the tool of the Gods,
and its power without fail will unlock
and open the doors to their palace."


The ability to summon forth to visible and physical materialization is perhaps the most potent and sought-after power in the entire occult world. For the thousands of years that ritual evocation has been practiced, however, it has also been confused and jumbled by assumptions, dogmas, and initiatory secrets all of which are obliterated by Evoking Eternity.

E.A. Koetting, in this last book in trilogy- Evoking Eternity- Forbidden Rites of Evocation, gives in the first five chapters the elementary principles by which evocation operates, instructions for the necessary preparation of the Operator to call forth and communicate face-to-face with any entity in existence, and the totality of the information and guidance that is needed to open the gateways between the worlds and facilitate the materialization of the spirits. Once the ability to evoke in such a manner is developed, however, and once those gates are opened, the Operator will have access to secrets that have been protected for millennia by death, murder, and even war. Even within the forbidden there exist taboos which remain in place to protect the human race from itself, to keep an uncontrollable force from being unleashed into this realm, and to keep man from overthrowing the balance of existence altogether.

The remaining six chapters uncover these secrets in their absolute nakedness, divulging the methods by which the Operator can safely and surely rise above the ancient admonitions of the Masters and take for himself all of the power and glory that he desires. Evoking Eternity teaches the formulas and gives the signs for evocation of entities which will quicken the Evocators Ascent into godhood, for the summoning of multiple entities for the achievement of a single goal, for the calling forth of legions of spirits into materialization, as well as careful and solid directions for evocation without the use of ritual implements, without the protective walls between flesh and spirit, and without inhibitions to power. Finally, Evoking Eternity reveals the secret of successfully summoning forth entities whose power is so great that the earth beneath them has crumbled at their presence, whose emanations of spiritual light have driven the world into war, who should not be called forth here into bodies of dust, but who can be.

Evoking Eternity is not the Sorcerers handbook nor is it a simple grimoire of spirits. Rather, it is a compendium of the impossible, made real by beings who are unbound and hungry, materialized now by the grand evocation of the Masters who will no longer wait for this veil to be lifted.

First edition of 500 copies. Hardbound in black cloth, 200 pages. Octavo (234x156 mm), 40 euros.
Front & backcover and spine blocked with silver foil.

I don't know about quality of this book, but for sure I'm interested in it.
Thanks to all! Wink

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E.A. Koetting - Evoking Eternity Empty Re: E.A. Koetting - Evoking Eternity

Post  x32 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:13 am

Request fulfilled in submission

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