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Post  Khephra on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:59 pm

Via Ritual Magick.co.uk:

The thought struck me that I had never done any gematria on the word blog - I mean why would you? Unless as now a random thought struck you! So I decided I should, and made the decision that it should be done with my Prime Qabalah, as the word blog is English and deserves to be analysed in English rather than crossed over to Hebrew and other languages! Prime Qabalah attributes the 26 prime numbers under 100 to the English alphabet, with the five numbers under 10 attributed to the vowels (1,2,3,5,7) and the rest (11-97) to the consonants.

So anyway blog adds to 80, the same number as dance, red, debauch and kala, providing some interesting thoughts. In a random and very tangential sort of way a blog could be considered a dance (of words), and also perhaps has an element of debauch. Red and kala take us on a sexual tangent though, which at this time of morning my head is leaving for another day to ponder!

Both Prime Qabalah and the Kalas are discussed in detail in my book Becoming Magick, publised a few years ago by Mandrake of Oxford.

Anyone have any other insights on gematric associations behind Web 2.0 etc?

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