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Post  RRR123408 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:15 am

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Like a typical hack Parker book, this one starts off with the premise of "What This Book Can Do For You" and it goes into talking about Miracle Of New Avatar Power (From now on NAP will be used for brevity.) Basically he talks about one particular scoffer who said he used NAP and got nowhere with it. In all fairness, the poor slob obviously didn't read NAP very well because it's written so that a teenager of average wits could use it. Cobb (short for Gray-Cobb) allegedly wrote the man and gave him some simple things to do (as pointed out in this work) and then hey he later gets the "Yay this book is great!" letter from the former scoffer.

Then Cobb talks about the four doors hiding the secrets of NAP and the first door is "iron" and it requires you read the first chapter to get the keys to unlock this iron door. Okay so what are the first set of keys? Are you ready for this? Believe in the reality of cosmic energy! Wow. What a revelation! *whew* I'm blown away! Then you're to sit in a quiet room, cup your ears and listen to the sound of the blood pumping thru your head. That's teaching you to hear cosmic energy next he wants you to see cosmic energy by putting your thumb & index finger together and pulling them apart slowly - which gives you that sense of seeing strands of energy.

Then Cobb goes on to talk about how cosmic energy is the most powerful force in the universe and how Avatar Power is 'holy and pure'. There he steps into the Xian realm of belief in the Devil and God. He discusses the narrowing of a goal such as "I want to win this lottery on that day, bringing in exactly $50,000" instead of just asking for wealth. And there's the first secret of making NAP work - knowing exactly what you want.

Now mind you this book is filled with this sort of stuff. It's all basic, 101 material to us as Metaphysical practitioners but obviously to the non-practitioners back in 1978, this was a much needed source. Or was it? The book did not sell well and this is causing the known copies of the book to go for in excess of $300+ today by used booksellers. Rip off? Perhaps. But let's continue looking at some more of this rare book and see if you really think it's worth the asking price by these used book sellers...

"Chapter 2 - Inside the Bronze Door: Your Confidential Corporeal Avatar Commands". He starts off with "Psychic Tension May Impede New Avatar Power" and you have to wonder how the hell did he come up with that? LoL Duh.... He persuades you to take time to do the relaxation prior to working your NAP rite. (I agree) Then he discusses the keeping your "confidential corporeal avatar commands" and the first secret is: Confidential = secret, personal, for your ears only. (Shhhhhh!) Then the second key is Corporeal = material, physical, bodily; finally the third key is Commands: authorize, control, rule.


I've heard it is a great book, on some other forums guys are crazy about it...
So does anyone have a copy of it?

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Post  amandachen on Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:46 am

Yes, this sounds like a truly wonderful and important book.

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Post  jerkenovski on Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:53 pm

Please if someone has this book share with us! Crying or Very sad


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