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Scientology's Sexy New Ad Campaign - Empty Scientology's Sexy New Ad Campaign -

Post  ankh_f_n_khonsu on Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:57 pm

Via Daily Kos:

Scientology's "Flirty Fishing" Experiment in Advertising
by Tortmaster

From approximately 1974 to 1987, females in the Children of God cult -- which is now known as "The Family" -- used a tactic called "flirty fishing" to induce males to join their sect. They, in effect, offered their bodies for sex to non-members to get them to join. Scientologists apparently took notice and with their new advertising campaign are using attractive females to be the "lustmodels" for their social networking cult. They're not explicitly offering sex, or even mentioning sex, but they certainly seem to be using a type of Joe Camel strategy to get their sexy message across. I'll make my case below the fold.

Exhibit "A" is a video which appears to contain every possible metaphor for love-making, including a man entering a cave, a rose unfolding, the slow lick of a lollipop. The Scientologists also specifically decided to use the word "flirting" while a young Asian girl was -- you guessed it -- flirting with the camera. That shot is at :43 of the video. But the climax of the video is at the :59 mark with an extreme closeup of a very comely young woman and this voice over: "... it's yours."