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Post  ankh_f_n_khonsu on Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:11 am

Dearest Friends and Fans of Robert Anton Wilson:

At some point I hope I can share deeply about the profound period of time before Bob died. All I can say right now, is that it was an honor and a privilege to care for him, crazy though it sometimes made me. Walking with him through the dying process transformed my life in truly unexpected ways. For one, I lost my fear of flying! Smile

His last words to me, in a soft and whispery voice were "I am so happy."

This was the man who taught me to play chess at six, and would "fall off his chair" when I made a savvy move... When us kids got off the school bus on a country lane, he would hide under the bridge that went over the creek and pretend to be the "troll." He would come out roaring, and we would roll on the ground laughing he was so funny.

He was happy and he was very loved. In his extraordinary life he also suffered deeply, loved passionately and cared profoundly, and it was an honor to grow up with him.

And he left some hefty debts behind that must be dealt with so that we can move on and do what he truly wanted, which was this: help his disabled son, keep his works alive and available, and of course keep the lasagna flying.

My parents were not very material, but they truly enjoyed the items around them. Over the years, such an eclectic collection of things appeared, often taking up every spare nook. So many of them have stories! I hope the sale of these items will help manifest RAW's dreams and help to put his debts to rest.

So here's a fantastic opportunity to have an authentic RAW artifact, in your own reality tunnel, to inspire, generate conversation, and most of all to connect with the quintessential insight, humor and brilliance of a great human being!

Over the next few weeks, I will be listing items in batches, so I do hope you keep your eye on this site and visit often. It would mean a lot to Bob to know that the things that gave him joy are out and about the world, in homes of folks who cared, and would garner some enjoyment from them. We are starting with 23 items, of course.

Click here to see them!
If you have any questions, I can be reached via email at

Much love, Christina

Included within the pool of artifacts are three of Bob's tarot decks... Wink

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