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"Elitism in Satanism"

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"Elitism in Satanism" Empty "Elitism in Satanism"

Post  Khephra on Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:24 pm

From Spiritual Satanist:

Elitism in Satanism:

This article will explore the practice of elitism and how it applies to Satanism. The practice of elitism in Satanism is one of the most important doctrines because it enables a natural selection of the strong over the weak. A person is either a master or a servant in this life, and it is through the practice of satanic elitism that might creates right. It is these elite leaders of satanism that create the defining standards in Satanism, and this is achieved through the process of [Satanic] elitism.

The Model of the Social Pyramid:

The word elite is derived from the latin which means eligere, "to elect". The elite are the select few people of society who are the most talented, skilled, intelligent, those who are esteemed experts in their field, those who are wealthy or those who are born into a position of status.

The ideas of elitism are based on a model known as a social pyramid, which places the elite ruling class at the highest point wielding the most power. The socially poor, uneducated and non-working are at the bottom of the pyramid while the middle-class,educated working people support both the lower class and the upper elite. At the top of the pyramid, the decisions of the few influence the lives of the many through Elitism, by maintaining a position of status and control. Some of this upper class of society are not elite because of social status, but rather they are elite because of their financial situation.

While this basic model gives an accurate description of society, all of this, of course has more to do with how well one off is financially or socially rather than the actual quality of life that a person enjoys.

The ideas of elitism are also based on the concept of social stratification, which explains how those who are more likely to be successful in life will rise to the top and those who are not as successful or fortunate will sink to the bottom of the social class. There are different classes of the elite, such as the political elite who rule cities and nations, the religious elite who create and maintain positions of power within religious institutions, and the social elite who excel in a specific talent or skill. The socially elite, are experts in their chosen field, or they have successfully used cunning or strategy to achieve status.

Elitism in Practice:

Elitism is a necessary Satanic ethic,or practice that allows the strong to thrive and the weak to fall away. Within the doctrines and beliefs of Satanism elitism is the method by which one can gain social status by exemplifying talents and abilities. The "Might is Right" attitude is what creates a natural stratification within the movement of Satanism by separating the weak from the strong. The idea that "might is right", is not based on physical strength, but rather on the idea that anything that is desired can be obtained by using any method necessary to obtain it. The Satanic practice of Lex Talionis or "the law of the claw" as its known is also an ingredient of the success of the elite within satanism.

Lex Talionis is the practice of taking revenge on those that deserve it, while taking responsibility for their own actions, which allows the user of this rationale to succeed in Satanism and in society. It is these two beliefs which are put into practice, while using skill and intelligence, that creates the elite Satanist. [See my article on "A Treatise on Vengeance"]

The use of "Might is Right" and Lex Talionis as a Satanic doctrine is an opposing view on a society which has trained us to be meek, always kind and forgiving. These are supposed to be "good" ideals to strive for. In reality, this false kindness is a double standard and the Satanist is aware of this.

The Satanic Elite:

The elite within Satanism are a blend of the social elite and the religious elite. Just as the religious elite of Christianity is the Catholic Church, and the most elite of the Catholic Church is the Pope; the elite organization of the movement of Satanism is The Church of Satan and the elite of The Church of Satan was Anton LaVey. Lavey was both a cult of personality and a creator of his own Satanic doctrine, which has become the standard for satanism as we know it today.

Although The Church of Satan is well known, there are many other groups and people that are among the upper class of the movement of Satanism. What makes these organizations and individuals elite is how they are able to use their wisdom and talent, ideas and words to exemplify the standards of Satanism, and to create new and better standards for Satanism as society changes.

Another method of satanic elitism used by Organizations is called selective favoritism. Some organizations selectively choose their members based upon social ideals or qualities, such as ethnicity, social status, or beliefs, and discriminate against those that dont meet their standards. Wile this may seem unfair it seeks to serve the purpose of creating an "elite membership" within an organization.

The independent Satanist who is also a [Satanic] elitist is among the truly Satanic. The independent Satanist creates their own moral code, their own standards and their own doctrine from their life experiences. Because of their individuality they become isolated in such a way that eventually the Satanic elitist may inspire others to greatness and eventually create a following. Those who excel within Satanism will be known by their works and these are the people who gain recognition and favor from the common Satanist.

"Sacred Activism is the fusion of the mystic's passion for God with the activist's passion for justice, creating a third fire, which is the burning sacred heart that longs to help, preserve, and nurture every living thing." - Andrew Harvey

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"Elitism in Satanism" Empty Re: "Elitism in Satanism"

Post  Hadrianswall on Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:03 am

What a lot of words to say so little.
(Surely an elite satanist would stop typing when they ran out of things to say?)

Although this sentence made me laugh:

The independent Satanist who is also a [Satanic] elitist is among the truly Satanic.
and the hungry satanist who satanically buys bread and ham will have a truly satanic sandwich.

but to add something other than just poopooing:
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. -- George Bernard Shaw


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"Elitism in Satanism" Empty Re: "Elitism in Satanism"

Post  worlock93 on Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:15 am

Hadrianswall wrote:and the hungry satanist who satanically buys bread and ham will have a truly satanic sandwich.

lol. Get thee behind me Satan's ham sandwich!

93 93/93,


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"Elitism in Satanism" Empty Re: "Elitism in Satanism"

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