Proteus says Hi, before hiding in the bushes.

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Proteus says Hi, before hiding in the bushes. Empty Proteus says Hi, before hiding in the bushes.

Post  Proteus on Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:45 pm


Been interested in the occult for a long time; ever since it got me expelled from my house as a teenager. Since then I've mostly been working with Chaos Magick, which oscillated between giant-absurd-results (few) and total lack of anything (common).

Needing to cross over from passionate dabbler to "serious" practitioner, I finally moved to a city where I gained access to an OTO, and started a grassroots group of chaotes.

I'm putting on the identity of a Thelemite practitioner for now, working through Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick, with chaos-inspired rituals on the side.

This has proven to add the structure I needed to focus my gREAT wORK into real directions of growth. "Invoke often" is much easier this way.

More recently, I returned to a place I lived in a few years ago, Bali, and started investigating their magical traditions, formally and informally, through friends and contacts there. Because their system is something so raw and unique to anything I've practiced before (and also because I have yet to completely deprogram a mistrust of Qabalah); it has so far offered more to me than the Western Mysteries.

There, I began a process of converting power centers used in a WMT context into a Balinese magical Hindu context. For example, I took Liber Resh and changed the directions to Balinese ones, took the gods mentions and used Balinese ones, translated it to Indonesian (still working on translating it to a more relevant Balinese). I started the process with Liber 777, but came to be uninterested in that encyclopedia of correspondences because it was obviously mostly cobbled together by book work and not actual experience in South Asian settings. And because the Hinduism in Bali is totally different than that in India, I just assumed that it was as of yet unmapped in 777.

Anyway, it's an exciting process. I'm working on grant proposals (Fulbright, etc) to go back and do a year-long study on Balinese magic. In the process I'd try to divorce my practice therein from a Qabalistic basis, and treat it totally in itself.

I love occult communities and magical people, want to contribute to this group in anyway I can. This includes providing source materials and syncreticisms I'm working on with Balinese magic, translation skills (I have a solid base in several languages), meeting in person, organizing, local or remote ritual work and experiments, and off-topic fun, too. I co-organize a Chaos Magick meetup group in New York City. Currently transitioning between web presences, but still active.

I'm also very interested in exploring Russian mystical systems.


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