Seed 29.2 dilemma?

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Seed 29.2 dilemma? Empty Seed 29.2 dilemma?

Post  Bill on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:09 am

Introduction first in order - my name is Bill.

I have been an inactive member since the change from the old forum to the new simply because of business schedules.

Dilemma - would it be possible for anyone to seed 29.2 (O-Z) - download attempt from TPB has proven unsuccessful for about a week now (0 of 0 peers, 67.9 MB of 3.24 GB has remained constant).

29.1 downloaded immediately so it appears not to be software related.

I hope to contribute as my schedule permits.

Thank you for assist.


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Seed 29.2 dilemma? Empty Re: Seed 29.2 dilemma?

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:59 pm

The trackers are reporting between 3 and 6 seeds - not a huge number, but more than zero. Are you getting replies from all six trackers in the .torrent? You might need to manually "Update Trackers" to force your computer to see them.

Of course, it's also possible (depending on which client you're using) that your client can't connect to the other computers, so it doesn't display them in the count. Not much that can be done in that case, unfortunately, as the issue could be anywhere from your own home(?) network, to your connection to your ISP, their connection to the Internet as a whole, other users' ISP's, their connections to the other users, and ultimately to the other users' own internal networks. Too many variables there.

Still, it certainly would be nice if we could convince people to continue seeding after they've finished the download, especially if there are fewer than 20 seeds. Seeding to a ratio of 1.5 (which means you've seeded 1.5 times more data than you've downloaded) is always a good guideline, and just good bittorrent etiquette.

- Frater Digimob Teknikos

Frater Digimob Teknikos

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