Hadean Press Release: "The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema, Volume VII"

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Hadean Press Release: "The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema, Volume VII"

Post  Khephra on Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:53 pm

This dropped into my inbox from elsewhere...

Hadean Press is pleased to announce the imminent publication after a long hiatus of the first of the final three issues of The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema, Volume VII. Vernal Equinox, 2009. Originally produced by Kiblah Publishing between the years 1988 through 1994 as the successor to The New Equinox: British Journal of Magick, eight of eleven intended issues were released. The material included in the initial issues was primarily focused on the exploration of the system of English Qaballa as received and developed by a group of British Thelemites. Much the same can be expected from the final three issues, though much has changed in the years between releases.

In addition to publishing the final three issues of the BJoT, Volume VII, Hadean Press will also offer a compilation of issues 1 - 8 in a special, limited edition with details to be announced'.

For further information see: Hadean Press.com.

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