Trade old AMORC monographs for new ones

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Trade old AMORC monographs for new ones

Post  Mariamme on Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:15 am

NEW AMORC monographs:

Degree 11 no: 33 to end of degree.
Degree 12 - complete
Planes: all (if available)

OLD AMORC monograph 'planes' (if available)


OLD AMORC monographs:

Complete degree index (in French)
Complete Degree System from Postulant section - 12th Temple Degree (all complete in English)
CROMAAT monographs English
'Arcane Cosmology' lecture series complete. English
Supplementary monographs X 18. English
RC Forums X 6. English
American Rosae Crucis magazines X 23. English
The Triangle / Mystic Triangle X 52. English
RC Digests X 5. English
White Book C
White Book D
1 Chapter discourse. All in pdf. English

International College of Martinist Studies: Volume 1-5
Martinist pantacle magazines X 14 issues (2001-2014)

Books on origins and practices X 15

Kind Regards



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Amorc New eleventh degree and planes

Post  IMUHTUK on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:59 pm

Hi Mairanme,

Did you succeeded in getting copies of the New Christian Bernard Monographs for the eleventh-degree numbers 33 till the end of the degree? If you did, I could exchange with you the first 3 planes. I know you are also looking for the 12th degree. I do not believe Christian Bernard had written any monographs for that degree yet. Amorc is still using the Ralph Lewis monographs for the 12th degree. Or I am wrong?


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