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Post  Cicklus on Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:35 pm

Hey guys, someone reminded me of the forum and since I've enjoyed some of the "goodies" you've been sharing, thought I'd drop in to say hi! Wink
Well, like some friends, I'm just another student of the occult arts/sciences, and one of those wannabes a la Bardon practitioners, and just like the majority of us, find it, whether we like it or not and whether we agree or not, a bit challenging, to say the least, to attend to the steps. It's a great system but c'mon it's a bit dry as far as information and the steps are concerned ... etc, hence the so many groups, companions, posts and forums and explanation over explanations, misinterpretations, arguments and arguements, and so on.
So I'm trying to collect from various places, sites, books, forums, traditions, yogic, tantric, taoist practices and others, techniques(tools) and Practical HOW-TOs, to balance it a little, well, at least from the practical infos that I can find, and I'm kinda new.
I'm aware of many occult writers, but is there someone who's written or published a full manual to practice and balance all that is needed to actually practice a magical spiritual system, in this case Bardon's, or some other, without morals and dogmas and rehash of his tradition/religion(you know what I mean), and a need to learn a foreign language(not talking about terminology), and, without having to wait for years, or read other 50 books. Just straightforward "tools" to embody the universal laws.
Dunno, maybe there is. [I'm aware of a guy, but it's not available anymore(more, some other time)]
Honestly, I'm tired of spending and wasting so much time, I don't want to waste any more time, that's why, I'm guessing many have done, but I'm trying to compile an organize a file(or anything else, coz I'm chaotic by nature Laughing) full of techniques and practices(not theories in this one) that will target to the development of the various etheric/astral/mental etc bodies, centers...It's just that I find scattered information from place to place and like many people I'm not an expert and have many questions, but honestly it's exhausting to have to read hundreds of threads and posts in various forums and sites and someway figure out how to pull through, but I cannot do otherwise, can I.

So basically, just a list of Bardon's 10 steps edited, as well as techniques and practices from various traditions(at least on what I can find on the web) that -supposedly- develop the various "bodies", centers, vitality, chi, prana, abilities or whatever you wanna call it, that I can practice without having to worry about missing the next (best, or worst) book, ratio, download, DVD, wherever it may be, or the next group-buy exclusive, occult product, wherever those may be. I mean, do YOU, YES YOU reader, REALLY now find time to practice, or are you that same old arm-chair theorist and procrastinator, years now, coz I know quite a few, don't we all ! Rolling Eyes

I can imagine many people edit and keep personal notes, but what about sharing them also, hey just a thought. Idea

Though, with all due respect to the eastern traditions, but wouldn't it be great if westerners had our own version of Hermetic Yoga or is there already.

Recently though, I'm thinking of trying that Poke Runyon's dark mirror of magick stuff....
...nuff said... Very Happy

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