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Post  Thoughtquery on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:45 pm

Blessings to you my brothers and sisters (and those in between) I love you

I just finished reading your "what i'm reading now" list and saw some good books. Now i ask you, what are your top 5?

some thoughts for choosing your list. Which have impacted, shattered, molded, or influenced your reality the most? Which has added to your life the most? Most entertaining? Most uplifting? Given you new and invaluable tools?

@Khephra: I saw you were reading Path to the Invisible House. I am intrigued by that book, cant find it on scribd or in any torrents and there seems to be a lack of information on it. Is it epic? Worth the purchase?

Also, if you can, please state whether any books on your list are available in a digimob release or must be procured in tree flesh.

sunny Shineth the light of love upon thee my friends



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