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"Making a podcast: Some notes and observations" - Empty "Making a podcast: Some notes and observations" -

Post  ankh_f_n_khonsu on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:58 pm

See Roo Reynolds for the complete article:

Making a podcast – some notes and observations

For the past 3-and-a-bit months, I’ve been making a podcast with my friend Leila.

It’s called Shift Run Stop and thanks to iTunes featuring it on their Podcasts page, it’s recently started getting rather a lot more attention and listeners than we’d ever have hoped.

Solid, informative overview... but I'm pretty ignorant of this etc, so maybe I'm mistaken...

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"Making a podcast: Some notes and observations" - Empty Re: "Making a podcast: Some notes and observations" -

Post  sendoshin on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:09 pm

Looks reasonably coherent to me. No obvious issues with the process. As one commenter noted, every podcaster does it differently, but the basic process leaves nothing to be desired. Of course, if we were to do a podcast, we might want to toss in a few other things, such as pitch filters on the voices of any participants that don't wish to be too-well known. You know, to protect privacy and whatnot.

The Zoom H2 looks pretty nice as a more portable mic than dragging your laptop around with you to do the interviews. Other devices are likely to be available if the price (about £157 from Amazon UK) doesn't impress. We can use other software than that described in the post; for example, I have Adobe Soundbooth. As for places to host the podcast files, and related services, if we have a decent web hosting service, it can be free. The only real concern is space. But then, once a podcast is added to one of the Releases, it can be removed from the site to make room for future 'casts...

On a separate note, I tend to prefer the term netcast, since the iPod has nothing to do with them most of the time...

- Sendoshin

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