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Post  Khephra on Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:53 am

Originally posted at Golden-Dawn.blogspot:

Ceaseless GD Mega-Drama - Dramaz

As you read this report you will be stunned at how dedicated Robet Zink is to the Golden Dawn, Light, Peace, and Healing

Read this special report that unravels the recent attacks on Robert Zink and provides clear light on the truth on a number of timely subjects. This report is written by V.H. Frater I.C.L. a 15+ year member of the Golden Dawn.

We all want it, especially in the Golden Dawn community where it seems to be lacking some of the time. How do we get it, though? In a world where strife is common and histories of back and forth slights run deep, does peace come from simply asking for it from those you harm? Can you manifest peace by striking someone irresponsibly one moment and then turning around as the response comes, throwing up your hands and saying “All I want is peace, why don’t you?” even while the wounds you just made are still fresh? Could any reasonable person suggest that such an action would make one a peacemaker or somehow exempt one from a counterargument showing the seemingly newly-converted assailant to be irresponsible, false and slanderous? Do we lust for peace so deeply that we would blindly take any excuse for an end to argument, even when a false peacemaker is so obviously exploiting the call for peace as a tactic to manipulate the audience into believing the assailant is actually the victim?

On a recent blog, David Griffin (a former student of Chic Cicero, who then schismed to form the HOGD/AO, and has since then systematically attacked every other Golden Dawn group large enough to come to his attention) called very poignantly for a peace with no blame. He crafted his language to suggest a solidarity between himself and the other leaders of the Golden Dawn community, saying things like “For years now, Robert Zink, I, and other leaders of the Golden Dawn community have been attacked and defamed on anonymously published websites, blogs, usenet posts, etc.”

I could see how a newcomer to the Golden Dawn Tradition could read his post and think, “My what a nice man, all he wants is an end to pointless bickering.” And, indeed, it is a persuasive blog and would be very believable except for one thing. He is the one attacking all these other “leaders of the Golden Dawn” that he is verbally trying to stand beside. And, he is hardly doing it anonymously. Only a couple of blogs right before his call for peace he still has available for reading a completely thorough personal assault on the EOGD and its Chief, Robert Zink, the only leader of the Golden Dawn he even names in the first sentence of his blog!

How brazen does a person have to be to exercise such duplicity? And, yet there continues to be the occasional newcomer to the Tradition in all their beautiful zeal for peace no matter what, who falls for this act.

In his blog, only weeks behind his plea for peace with no justice, it is David Griffin, who calls Robert Zink a fake and a pretender to legitimate Golden Dawn lineage. He claimed:

1. That Robert Zink’s ex-wife co-founded the Order. On the contrary, there are still plenty of us old-school Adepti around who remember Robert Zink founding the Order. We remember Robert Zink sacrificing personally and pounding the street daily to teach, to heal, to initiate countless numbers personally when our branch was young. While, meantime, we remember his ex-wife (who was wife in name only, for that matter), entertaining delusions of grandeur, lusting for power, gabbing a lot and actually doing little, eventually alienating the rest of us so heavily that when she tried to split the Order in two, no one joined her. Did David Griffin know Robert Zink back then, or his ex-wife? Where was David Griffin at the founding of the EOGD? David Griffin had not even attended his Neophyte Initiation in Chic Cicero’s Order when Robert Zink, already a master of the Art, was founding the EOGD. How responsible is it to blast damaging accusations on the internet with only a disgruntled ex-wife as his source for information? Did David Griffin even try to research the truth? Why would he, when his goal has always been to destroy those Orders that don’t join his? When finding anyone willing to say evil about his targets to point to as his “sources” is such a convenient way to attack someone when seeking to subsequently wash his hands of the matter? ( as a side note those letter may have been modified and were written many years ago when the wound of a broken arrow were still fresh )

2. That Robert Zink’s teacher in Golden Dawn Magic, a descendent of an American Temple of the Golden Dawn (at that time called the Alpha et Omega), never existed and was lied about to generate fake credibility. On the contrary, several of us have their his graves and met a descendant, a living son! And where is it that this connection is so paraded about, as he claims? It would appear that the only place that the public is learning of our connection to the historical Golden Dawn in America is from David Griffin! We don’t even discuss this connection with our own initiates unless they ask directly! If David Griffin believes this fact to be so fake, why is he spreading it for us? Where is the responsibility in being party to disseminating a fact he believes so strongly to be a “lie”? And beyond hearing the denial from Robert Zink’s ex-wife (who was not even there at that time) what has he done to objectively investigate this fact to be so sure it’s not true? If his assertions are not just a jealous attack on Robert and the EOGD, where is his due diligence?

3. That our website’s claim of “Guardian of the True Golden Dawn Tradition” is laughable claiming we have no connection whatsoever except through Israel Regardie’s books. Setting aside the fact of Robert Zink’s teachers which is dealt with above, this claim is simply a pot calling the kettle black. David Griffin only ever received initiation and lineage through Chic Cicero… Regardie’s successor. Regardie in a letter we have on file claims he has no lineage to pass on. Every other bit of connection David Griffin has ever claimed with the original Golden Dawn (and which he does parade about publicly with, unlike the EOGD) are people who have just signed papers and shook hands and said “yeah, there’s your lineage for you, right there!” Whereas our connection actually came through real training. And, what is so wrong about claiming “Guardian of the True Golden Dawn Tradition”? We teach as we were taught, traditional historical, Golden Dawn magic as it was handed down. But, David Griffin, on the other hand, has claimed special revelations that authorize him to eliminate the Outer Order’s alchemical development, overhaul the Inner Order teachings entirely, and create a whole new paradigm of Sexual Magic for his newly created Third Order. All this openly! In other words, he has formed an entirely new version of the Golden Dawn in his own image and then states we have no right to call ourselves a guardian of traditional Golden Dawn teachings? The bottom line is many claim the HOGD/AO is not even Golden dawn at all any more than Canada is and the united States are the same.

4. That astral initiation is a scam, opens a candidate to possession, and is ineffective at bestowing the benefits of initiation. Again, David Griffin demonstrates an irresponsible lack of due diligence. First of all, every objective scholar of Golden Dawn history has agreed that S. L. MacGregor Mathers, the primary force in the development of the practical magical teachings and formulae of initiation unique to the Golden Dawn Tradition, invented and regularly used astral initiation! It is a fact, the vast majority of American initiates during the days of the Alpha et Omega received astral initiations. That’s historical fact. And, we have that formula. Has David Griffin ever asked to learn how it is done? Has he ever honestly requested, in any form other than grand standing to shake his fist at us for the sake of an audience, to objectively witness astral initiation? His problem is, that he has no idea how it is done or how effective or ineffective it is. He has no source to point to back up his claim of it being dangerous or opening up someone to possession. On the other hand, our Hierophants have performed thousands of astral initiations over decades. Not one has ever resulted in someone becoming possessed or in any way denoting an experience that could be characterized as dangerous. I, myself, received the majority of my initiations in this Order astrally and had many of them confirmed physically. I found both methods to be equally filled with the Power of Spirit, to be equally inducting in the Alchemical processes that gradually awaken the latent powers of the Soul, to be equally breath-taking catalysts to the best changes in my life, personal maturation and empowerment of my magical abilities. And, every student I have taught in the EOGD has responded likewise to this very safe, time-tested, and effective form of initiation that we in the EOGD have a great deal of experience implementing. But, does David Griffin mention our experience level? Does he give any space to those who have found it a god-send? Wouldn’t it be responsible to do so, if truth was actually what he was seeking, and not another’s downfall?

5. That Robert Zink’s non-Order related magical products and services that he offers to the public are all a form of exploiting the Golden Dawn system for money. So, I guess according to David Griffin, unless someone is willing to get initiated into an Order, make serious commitments of time and energy to a difficult niche path such as classical magic, or read his own published 666 page book on Ritual Magic, then they shouldn’t be able to receive the benefit of life-improving techniques. For those who don’t know, Robert Zink authored a number of CD’s and workshops designed to bring spiritually and physically beneficial techniques, that are based on what he has gained from the Golden Dawn, to non-initiates. Although these techniques are based on the powerful teachings of the Golden Dawn, in no way do they violate his oaths of secrecy on the magic and they are “packaged” as David Griffin puts it, in a way that the average busy person who just needs a leg-up on their spirituality and life can make rapid, safe, and effective use of them On the other hand, David Griffin has joined the many other Golden Dawn magicians out there who are using their knowledge of Golden Dawn magic to make money by publishing books on Golden Dawn magic. Detailed books, including explanations of how to evoke evil spirits, right after saying that one should never try such at home unless you are a duly initiated Adeptus Major! At least when Robert Zink is charging for his limited time, he is personally assisting people to help them improve their lives, rather than publishing sensationalized re-listings of already well documented magical teachings. How exactly is David Griffin’s money-maker benefiting people either in or out of the Golden Dawn Tradition? “Don’t build this bomb, kids, you could hurt yourself… but here is how to do it with common household products!” And he says our Order is dangerous?

All these lies, heartless attacks and accusations, with no responsibility or due diligence to investigate or give any airtime to the facts! How can David Griffin make such a blog one week, and then have the brazen audacity to put out a call for peace practically right after? How can he imagine himself being seen as a peacemaker and a victim, with the sting of his unprovoked assaults still warm? The only good thing from his blog is how he outs himself to the whole community by the very fact of the juxtaposition of his still-present attack right next to his call for peace. I would like to believe in the intelligence of the average seeker for magical wisdom to see right through him. I would like to see a legitimate call for peace from David Griffin, one that is not done with words, but with actions such as restraint and self-control and an actual, not just blathered, commitment to focusing on his own group rather than constantly seeking his own benefit through negative attention towards others. And being that every other “leader of the Golden Dawn” has been the target of David Griffin’s jealousies at one time or another, it is quite clear that the EOGD is hardly alone in this desire.

"Sacred Activism is the fusion of the mystic's passion for God with the activist's passion for justice, creating a third fire, which is the burning sacred heart that longs to help, preserve, and nurture every living thing." - Andrew Harvey

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Post  ankh_f_n_khonsu on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:53 pm

Uhhhh.... Suspect lol!

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Post  ezavan on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:24 am

it's this sort of shit that makes me VERY glad i don't give a damn about lineage, heirarchy, or internet flamers. how do these guys have time to make magic when they're so involved in truly unintelligent loyalty spats? speaks to the ineffectiveness of their style, an order having outlived its potency...

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Post  amandachen on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:58 am

Ok, imagine I'm a powerful occultist and someone has offended me. Should I have a good whine about it online, or do I send forth a malevolent blast to smite my enemies? Put up, or shut up!

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Post  lovedeeply on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:05 pm

ezavan wrote:it's this sort of shit that makes me VERY glad i don't give a damn about lineage, heirarchy, or internet flamers. how do these guys have time to make magic when they're so involved in truly unintelligent loyalty spats? speaks to the ineffectiveness of their style, an order having outlived its potency...

I agree that all of that drama is silly and unfortunate. I wish it was done in a more mature manner, but people really need to know how this man has hurt a lot of people. I'm not saying all the accusations are true, and some crazy accusations were made up by members as a way of taking the credibility out of some true offenses. The truth is plain, he is not a decent human, he needs help and if we go on past behavior he will continue to hurt people. What offends me is when people pretend like this behavior is ok. I know public figures that are "friends" with him, on facebook for example. He has never suffered real consequences for his actions and that's our fault. I don't like attacks and crazy drama, I only want people to be aware so they are not hurt, abused and taken advantage of. I truly hope he finds healing and changes how he operates in the world.


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