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"Kenneth Grant: The Musical" - Talesadvert

Probably the first Musical inspired by the creative occultism of Kenneth Grant, Tales Of The New Isis Lodge presents 65 minutes of lush and occult exotica issuing from a transplutonic transmitter.

Drawing its structure from the ultra decadent and ornate rituals described in Grant's book Hecate's Fountain English Heretic guide you through Egyptian pre-history to the fungi of Yuggoth, re-imagine flower power in an Indian Tantric idiom, describe the workings of Chinese sorcerers, realise the neither-neither hidden within the jump rhythms of Count Basie and invoke Choronzon in the Crimson Desert. Aeons in its reification and packaged in delicious artwork, stylised as a homage to Grant's Typhonian tomes.

See: http://englishheretic.blogspot.com/

CD Track Listing:

1] Typhonian Museum Piece
2] She Comes In Kalas
3] Tales Of The New Isis Lodge
4] Earth's Lament To The Stars
5] Cult Of The Ku
6] Vevers Of The Void
7] Les Voltigeurs
8] Secret Organization Of The Zotzil
9] Rite Of Kepra
10] Demon Feast / The Dagger Of Bou Said

From Anticredos: "As well as being an album completely dedicated to Kenneth Grant's occultism, it also makes use of my realisation of Leila Waddell's "Thelema: A Tone Testament" and has guest vocals by Arild Stromsvag."

Purchase here: http://english-heretic.org.uk/Shop.htm

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