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Teenagers and the Occult: Survey Request -

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Teenagers and the Occult: Survey Request - Empty Teenagers and the Occult: Survey Request -

Post  Khephra on Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:40 pm

Via Plutonica:

Beth Wingarner, author of Sacred Sonoma: Sacred Sites and Alignments in Sonoma County, California is working on a new book about how young people, and teenagers in particular, come to the occult and why parents shouldnít freak out about it.

Seeking personal stories for book

I am gathering stories for a book that will help parents understand why their teens are interested in certain media, mainly heavy metal music, video games (especially violent video games), and/or alternative spiritual paths. Ultimately, Iím hoping to bridge the communication gap so that anxious parents can lay their fears to rest ó rather than assuming their kids are on a path to violence or self-destruction.

So, Iím looking for input from folks who developed an interest in any of these things as teens, and am hoping youíll respond to the following survey(s) to provide stories from your life. Information you provide may be used in the book, but will be used anonymously unless you request otherwise.

Iím looking for folks who first discovered paganism in their teen years. I hope youíll answer that survey specifically, but if you were or are interested in the others, please feel free to answer all three.

Thanks so much, in advance, for sharing your stories.

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  • Teenagers and heavy metal music - (link)
  • Teenagers and video games - (link)



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