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This is a revealing 3-part video documentary entitled Freemasonry Revealed which investigates the history and inner workings of the biggest secret society on the planet - the Freemasons. With its tradition of zealous secrecy, Freemasonry has long been the focus of elaborate conspiracy theories. With their numbers declining, can the Freemasons continue to wield power and influence in the 21st century? For centuries, the secretive Freemasons have been shrouded in rumour, myth and scandal. Why? Enigma investigates the history and inner workings of Freemasonry, and lays bare the mysteries behind the world's most legendary secret society. Part one delves deep into Masonic lore, revealing the brotherhood's connections to ancient Egypt, Medieval Scotland and the Knights Templar. And for the first time ever, Freemasons allow the filming of their most sacred ritual: The Third Degree. In part 1, titled Masonic Legends, the documentary wonders why is the mysterious chapel of Rosslyn, featured at the climax of The Da Vinci Code, central to Masonic history and lore? Why is a murder in the Temple of Solomon key to Freemasonry's secret history? In part 2, Masonic Leaders, it questions whether the Masons made the modern world and reveals how the Freemasons etched their mark on politics, art, and architecture. In 3rd part, Masonic Conspiracies, it goes throughout its history as Freemasonry has attracted powerful enemies, ranging from the Catholic Church to the Nazis. Why do Masons inspire so much fear? Are they really trying to take over the world? Perhaps they already have but nobody noticed.

Some bits authentic... some bits propaganda...

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