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Taoist Alchemy by Darin Hamel Empty Taoist Alchemy by Darin Hamel

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Stage One of Taoist alchemy is where we practice deep breathing along with the restrictions of not eating meat, no sex, no alcohol, and practicing tai chi. This phase starts with your lower belly heating up during your breathing exercises and sending chi up your spine. When the chi rises you will feel like your flying upwards through a tunnel and when it enters your head you will see a blaze of white light. This light is shen or spiritual energy. This stage ends when you achieve a temporary union with all living things often called the god experience.

Stage Two of Taoist alchemy is where emptiness meditation develops the inner lights from a blaze of white light through stages of luminous reverberating quicksilver, a showering of red sparks that ends in an amber glow and finally a vision of what the Taoists call the vision of the crystal palace which looks like a flaming crystalline swastika with wheels within wheels surrounded by a rainbow hued radiance in the center of your brain.

Stage Three of Taoist alchemy is transforming shen to void. At this stage you pass on what you have learned. This stage has no spectacular confirmatory signs but the necessary thing at this stage is to teach or fulfill your lifes purpose. Instead of solitary meditation you engage the world to cultivate your awareness.

The final stage is transforming void to Tao and the work at this stage transcends the body. Now the purified awareness rises out of the top of the head to merge with the Tao and this experience is beyond words. All we can say about this stage is that the blood turns white and you emit light from your skin. This stage is the longest and ends with full physical ascension.

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