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Post  Hadrianswall on Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:07 pm

An Open Invitation from Qabalist Robert Frost

December 10, 2008

Dear Friend

You are invited to receive, once per week by email, lessons on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This is a Christmas present for you. There is no obligation other than to yourself to study the lessons as they arrive and be enriched thereby. At the end of each email, there is a link to automatically unsubscribe should you ever choose to do so. Your email address will never be rented or sold for any reason.

Anyone with interest in language, and especially in the Hebrew letters is welcome to join. You may share this link/file with anyone. Please do send this invitation on to anyone and any group you choose. However, you and they must register before 20 December to be in this first group. The next group will start in Spring around March 20. The sign-up page will still be active, but sign-ups after 20 December will start receiving their lessons in March. We will have a forum where everyone is invited to ask questions and add their stories concerning the letters. Over time, the lessons will be enriched by your input.

The intention is to create a community of people all “on the same page” and sharing with each other as we go through the letters. For this reason, it is requested that you keep up the pace of studying one lesson per week. After about half of the course, those who are falling behind and won’t catch up will be requested to take a break and join the next group at the start of the next season.

In these lessons, traditional teachings of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) are contrasted with the Western Mystery teachings of Qabalah (which may be called hermetic rosicrucianism). For students of either of these schools of wisdom, this comparison of their teachings concerning the Hebrew letters will generate many new insights.

You will receive graphic files with outlines of the Hebrew letters. These you will print, cut out, color in and look upon as we study each letter. By the end of the course, you will have a colored set of Hebrew letter cards.

The course will contain graphics, animations, movies with sound, and a lovely Hebrew font to install on your computer for viewing on screen or printing. With it, we will be able to send emails with Hebrew letters to one another.

In the Western Mystery school teachings, the 22 letters are assigned to the twenty-two paths of a two-dimensional glyph called the Tree of Life. This “compendium of the religion, science and philosophy” is hands down the best sorting system for meaningfully categorizing all knowledge. Studying the Tree of Life will enable you to see the same patterns at work in all things. It will help you to sort all that you know and will also help to “sort you out”.

In this course, the letters will not be studied in alphabetical order. Instead, the letters will be presented in the “order of creation” as described in the oldest of books on Kaballah/Qabalah, the Sepher Yetzirah, the Book of Formation. In the Book of Formation, the universe is projected outward from a central point toward the six cardinal directions. This is often graphically represented as the Cube of Space. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are assigned to the 12 edges, 6 faces, 3 axi and center of the three-dimensional “Cube of Space”.

The placement of the Hebrew letters upon the Cube of Space is very nearly identical in both the Kabbalistic and the Qabalistic systems. This study of the Hebrew letters will include their relationship to and placement upon the Cube of Space and upon the 22 pathways of the Tree of Life. The teachings will be simple enough to provide an introduction to (the Cube of Space and the Tree of life as well as) the Hebrew letters for the beginner. The advanced aspirant will also gather worthwhile material for study and contemplation.

There is a Path of Return of consciousness to its source. Inherent in all of us is a kind of homing mechanism. Like the adult salmon, which instinctively seeks out his place of origin and returns there to spawn, humans who reach a stage of spiritual maturity long for and make the arduous journey home to our source. This study of the Hebrew letters will introduce you to useful maps for your Path of Return.

A wealth of correspondences and stories will be presented for each Hebrew letter. These wisdom stories contain a kind of fire. If you are “ripe” for the Path of Return, these stories will kindle intense interest and build both excitement and enthusiasm for this definitive journey.

As the lore of the various letters and associated symbols are gathered and sorted meaningfully in your mind via such sorting glyphs as the two-dimensional Tree of Life and the three-dimensional Cube of Space, insights will build upon insights. You will “get it” in a new way that will revamp all the other knowledge and gathered experience of your whole life.

You will learn to see the same sequence of principles acting on all levels of reality. As above, so below. For example, on the mental level your creative imagination brings forth new ideas, often referred to as “thought children”. On the physical level you bear children. Your subconscious mind is mentally fertile, generating new ideas. Your wife is fecund, bringing forth children. The same principle that expresses on the mental level as creativity expresses on the physical level as procreation. Understanding the sequence of such principles and how they operate will enable you to better understand and master all the aspects of your life.

As you internalize this living information, great expansions of consciousness will ensue. You will better “Know thyself”. You are invited to join us in this humble beginning of the adventure known as “The Great Work”.

To subscribe to the Hebrew Letter Course, visit


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Post  ankh_f_n_khonsu on Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:27 pm

Sounds like fun! cheers

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