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*Request* Jade Sol Luna (Discography)

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*Request* Jade Sol Luna (Discography) Empty *Request* Jade Sol Luna (Discography)

Post  Nicky Lubu on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:09 am

If not the whole discog, atleast one or a few cds in next up plz. TYVM.

Scorpio Invocation (2008)
Silver Moon, Black Sun (2008)
Zodiac Hymns (2008)
Aghori Kali-The Ambient Journey of a Skull Girl (2009)
Queen of the Crossroads (2009)
Prakriti Vidya (2009)
La Sera - The Left Hand of Hecate (2010)
Hecate Phantasmagoria (2010)
Hekate Nyctipolus (Night Wanderer) (2010)
The Chanter-Greatest Chants of Jade Sol Luna (2011)
Tales of Moon Face (2011)
Incarnation of Kali (2011)
Revenge of the Burning Witch (2012)

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