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    In Search of a cd by Michael W. Ford

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    In Search of a cd by Michael W. Ford Empty In Search of a cd by Michael W. Ford

    Post  Nicky Lubu on Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:55 pm

    Hey digimob community,

    I had a tobz account back in the day and there was this michael w. ford audio cd that was what seemed only to be whitenoise, on the cover was a skull, it was an invocation of some form through hypnosis of white noise. Genius as it sounds, it worked, and im trying to figure out the name of the cd. From what i understood when i had it, it was discontinued and i can't find it on the net. If it's possible that if any of you know what i am talking about please give me the title of the cd also if theres a link to the cd to download that would be fantastic.
    Nicky Lubu
    Nicky Lubu

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