Charles Muses - Chronotopology

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Charles Muses - Chronotopology

Post  quelonnio on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:04 am

Title: Destiny and control in human systems: studies in the interactive connectedness of time (chronotopology)
Author: Charles Muses
ISBN: 157898727X

Reprint of the Boston 1985. 218pp. Charles A. Muses (1919-2000), a figure who wrote articles and books under various pseudonyms (including Musès, Musaios, Kyril Demys, Arthur Fontaine, Kenneth Demarest and Carl von Balmadis), was the founder of the Lion Path, a shamanistic movement. He held unusual and controversial views relating to mathematics, physics, philosophy, and many other fields.Muses eventually proposed an astrological method called 'chronotopology,' which he claimed could measure the qualitative multidimensional structure of time.



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