"Buzz Aldrin lies about his Masonic activities on the Moon" -

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"Buzz Aldrin lies about his Masonic activities on the Moon" -

Post  Khephra on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:53 am

See Conspiracy Archive for the original article, with hyperlinks:

Buzz Aldrin Lies About His Masonic Activities on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin was interviewed by Alex Jones the other day. At the YouTube video Astronaut “Buzz Aldrin” on Alex Jones Tv 3/4:Magnificent Desolation, from 1:57 to 2:36, the following exchange occurs:

AJ: We know there’s Masonic influence in the founding of the country …what is the Masonic influence on NASA?

Aldrin: As far as I can tell, zero. There were some Masonic brothers of mine in Texas that wanted me to take some kind of a Masonic emblem to the moon, and some gesture of - I don’t know what it would be a gesture of - but I told them that it was not within my …my authority to do such a thing.

That’s funny, because there was an article in the New Age Magazine, December 1969 (the official organ of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction), replete with pictures of Aldrin presenting to the Scottish Rite headquarters in Washington, just such an “emblem” which he had carried with him to the moon and back.

Furthermore, three days after his encounter with the heads of the Scottish Rite in the extravagant House of the Temple in Washington D.C., Aldrin went on record, with the following letter:

Moreover, Freemason Chris Hodapp recently wrote of further Masonic meddling during the Apollo 11 moon landing.

“Might as well let the other cat out of the bag,” he said:

While he was on the Moon, Brother Aldrin claimed our lunar neighbor for the Masonic jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas. Aldrin was a member of Clear Lake Lodge # 1417 in Texas when he stepped onto the surface of the Moon. He carried a special deputation from the Grand Master to claim it as being in the territorial jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas.

In the wake of Aldrin’s Masonic space mission, the Grand Lodge of Texas formed Tranquility Lodge No. 2000, named after Tranquility Base, the location of Apollo 11’s landing.

Why the dissembling in the interview? And what, Freemasonry, think ye of such a denial?

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