Stephen Mace - Stealing The Fire From Heaven

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Stephen Mace - Stealing The Fire From Heaven

Post  quelonnio on Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:09 pm

Author: Stephen Mace
Title: Stealing The Fire From Heaven
Subject: Chaos Magick
Date Published: Dagon Productions (September 2003)
ISBN Number: 0972026606

"This essay offers a technique that individuals can use to create their own systems of sorcery, systems precisely tailored to fit their own unconscious minds. By following its instructions, the reader can cause his or her subliminal self to design its own symbols to represent the powers that lie within it. The result will be what is essentially a personal language of power, one that has meaning only for his or her self, but full of potency because it is his or her own soulís way of expressing itself." - Stephen Mace


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