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    Post  sendoshin on Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:34 pm

    Several of you will have noticed already that is no longer working. This is because the government of Tokelau has decided that digimob is a "special" domain, and wants to not only charge us for it, but wants to charge us more than the regular going rate for paid .tk domains. (In case you weren't aware, .tk means the domain was registered through the Tokelau government domain registrar, since Tokelau considers itself too small to really make any money from their country code without letting the rest of the world register there cheap. But that gets rather technical rather quickly.) Since we are a volunteer-run organization, we cannot afford to purchase the domain - and beyond that, once we start spending money on this, it stops being what it is, so we try to avoid paying for anything at all if we can help it.

    All of this is a wordy way of saying is no more. Please continue to visit the forums by going to as you have been, and pass this URL to anyone who asks. We can't update the notes in the Releases, so there will still be many who cannot find us without your help.

    - Sendoshin

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